Frequently Asked Questions & Reference

What is the GATE System?

The GATE system is an application which allows you to setup an employee profile and use that profile to reset your own password without the need to call the Technical Support Center.

I am locked out of the GATE System, what should I do?

Please contact the Technical Support Center for assistance in removing the GATE lock out.

I received an email stating someone updated my profile or changed my password and it was not me, what should I do?

Notify the Technical Support Center immediately. They will reset your password and will notify the security team to investigate the occurrence.

Why can’t I login to my laptop with my new password?

Laptop users must connect to the DCEH network for password resets to update. Unless you are connected when you reset your password, your old password will continue to be active. If connected to the VPN, a lock/unlock of your laptop after using GATE will sync your new password to your laptop.

Why am I suddenly being prompted to login to the DCEH intranet web-page?

You are being prompted for a username and password to login to the DCEH intranet page because you changed your password through GATE and it has not yet synchronized with your computer. To ensure your new password synchronizes, connect to the DCEH network; lock/unlock your computer and the new password should synchronize.